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WCAG in center of a circle, and around it there are various signs such as, sign language, wheelchair, eye, ear, brail, man with walking stand , scull with cross mark inside and a question mark

Understanding WCAG

  • PERCEIVABLE : Visitors must be able to perceive, or understand and be aware of, the content and information that’s presented on your website.
  • OPERABLE : Operable websites can be used without disrupting the user in any way. All visitors can utilize every part of the site’s functionality, from navigating a page, to selecting a link from a menu, to playing and pausing video and audio.
  • UNDERSTANDABLE : All content on your website including your written and graphic design content should be easily understood by visitors. This principle applies to your site’s structure, too. Your pages need to be organized intuitively and your navigation readily available to visitors on most if not all pages.
  • ROBUST : The content on your site should be easily interpreted and consumable by all visitors, including those who use assistive technology like screen readers. This principle boils down to writing your HTML in such a way that assistive technologies can parse your code without a visual reference.