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    The code of the page must not cause browser or assistive technology conflicts. This ensures that content and functionality is presented in a way that works reliably across all supported browsers and assistive technologies.

    Accessibility Requirements for 4.1.1 parsing (A)

    • HTML code must conform to the standard identified in the doctype statement;
    • ARIA code must conform to the rules for use with the host language (HTML).

    Common mistakes for 4.1.1 parsing (A)

    • HTML elements are not well formed (opened and closed properly);
    • HTML elements include invalid attributes;
    • HTML id attributes use duplicate values within the same page;
    • ARIA attributes are invalid.

    Techniques for 4.1.1 parsing (A)

    HTML Technique

    Common Failures for 4.1.1 parsing (A)

    The following are common mistakes that are considered failures of Success Criterion 4.1.1 by the WCAG Working Group.

    FAQS for Parsing

    What are Parsing rules?

    A parsing rule is basically a set of instructions that tell our algorithm what kind of data you want to extract from your documents. Typically you will have one parsing rule for each data field inside your document. For example, the website must be following these rules:
    Validate Web pages
    Fully conform specifications
    Use HTML according to spec
    Ensure that Web pages can be parsed by ensuring that opening and closing tags are used according to specification pr that Web pages are well-formed

    What cause failure in Parsing?

    Incorrect use of start and end tags or attribute markup
    Duplicating values of type ID
    Insufficient information in DOM to determine one-to-one relationships (e.g., between labels with same id) in HTML
    Insufficient information in DOM to determine specific relationships in XML

    4.1.2 Name, role, value (A)

    Useful resources for 4.1.1 parsing (A)

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